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Folium Architects works in the authentic tradition of classical and vernacular architecture. The practice, which was started (as Jan Maciag Architects) in 1995, aims to produce and promote architecture that offers a realistic alternative for those clients who appreciate the many benefits of building in a traditional manner. Intrinsic to this work is a belief that traditional architecture has a proven quality and will endure the test of time and passing fashion.

Much of the work undertaken concerns the sensitive alteration of existing buildings as well as new buildings in architecturally sensitive areas. An expert knowledge of traditional materials and detail allows for a seamless integration of new work with the old. There is a respect for historical precedent that is also alive, inventive and aspirational.

Folium Architects

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

Folium Architects – A proven quality that will endure the test of time

There is a respect for historical precedent that is also alive, inventive and aspirational.
Folium Architects

Residential Projects

Folium Architects residential projects include working directly with the homeowner on family homes, and on residential buildings consisting of multiple units. Re-modelling, extensions and renovations are also an important part of Folium’s design work.

Folium Architects

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects are buildings and structures for non-residential use, such as retail and office buildings where Folium manage the process of feasibility studies, surveys, planning applications, building warrants and contract administration.

Folium Architects

Urban Projects

The goal of Folium Architects urban designs deal with helping to shape the feel and character of large areas of buildings, streets and public areas. Functionality, attractiveness and sustainability are key and can encompass whole neighbourhoods and new towns.

Folium Architects -“Traditional architecture is humanist at its core”

To many, it seems peculiar to construct new buildings in a traditional way. They concede that such buildings, when done well, are beautiful and fit with their surroundings in a delicate and timeless manner that is only enhanced by the passage of time.

And yet, to shun Modernism still seems to go against the spirit of the age… little more than nostalgia.

Traditionalist architecture

Recent project

Recent project

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  • Working at Home
    Working at Home
    Folium Architects have started to work from home, due to the current Government advice on the Corona Virus pandemic here in the UK....
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